Gaya Charcoal/Blue Cotton Scarf


The Bloom & Give Gaya Scarf is a beautiful hand-loomed scarf made of ultra-light Bengal cotton with accents of hand-stitched geometric motifs creating a stunning floating effect. It takes a day and half for a master weaver to make one of these scarves!

100% Cotton
76 x 27 in.


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For over 2,000 years, along the banks of the mighty Ganges, weavers in Bengal have been perfecting a textile art-form like no other. Fine cotton fibers are painstakingly drawn and spun into a slender muslin yarn, which is dyed, washed and dried along the riverbanks. Hundreds of little motifs are then individually hand-stitched using the Jamdani technique while the yarn is being loomed. Bengal muslin is the softest sheer cotton we’ve laid hands on and is a perfect foil for many applications.


Blue, Charcoal

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