All Natural Moisturing Lip Balm
Lips are an essential part of your skin routine but often go overlooked. An important part of any skincare routine is Lip Treatment. The skin on our lips is a lot more delicate than our facial skin. Our lips can’t produce melanin, have a very thin outer layer, and have virtually no oil glands to hydrate. Without proper moisturizing, our lips can easily become dry, cracked, and irritated. Things like sun exposure, dry climates, and winter weather can damage your lips. A great organic lip balm can be a perfect thing to do daily to keep your lips soft, moist, and safe from sun. Softer and healthier lips can be achieved by using lip balm all year long.

Organic lip balms offer the same effectiveness at helping dry and damaged lips as their synthetic counterparts without any of the potentially toxic ingredients. Remember, whatever goes on your lips will for sure end up in your mouth and absorbed through the skin. By using reputable organic lip balms, you ensure that you only ingest the highest quality natural and organic vegetable oils, fruit extracts, honey, and herbs. At Elle & Reese, we have quality natural lip balms for you to try out.

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