All Natural essential oils organic
Essential oils are extractions of different flowers, fruits, and plants that have been used to provide comfort and health across the world. Our impressive selection cover unique and traditional options for achieving relaxation and mood improvement. These are often applied topically on the skin. Immune Boost can be taken to help beat an oncoming cold or as a daily supplement. Our Headache Relief blend is amazing at relieving the pain from tension headaches and general anxiety. The Energy essential oil blend often adds a sense of freshness, positivity, and awakening in the mind. Our soothing blend can be used to support respiratory health to fight things like allergies, congestion, and colds. Our Good Night roll is a great way to prepare your mind for a great night’s sleep with little anxiety or over-thinking. The Relax Blend can bring a sense of peace and calm. Our Sore Muscle blend provides physical relief by helping inflammation, circulation, pain, and stiff muscles. Stress Relief utilizes the strong aromas of ginger and lavender to ease stress and anxiety from a hectic daily life.

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