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Handmade Scarves for Sale

When you are in need of accessories for your favorite seasonal outfits, check out our collection of handmade scarves, wraps, and ponchos. Our navy silk handmade scarf loosely wrapped on you will heighten your fall look. The bright coloring and loosely wrapped scarves like a Haiku Scarf are amazing in springtime. An extra layer of warmth in a solid color is an optimal choice for the winter, like the woolen scarf, all handmade and eco friendly. For our scarves and wraps we only work with fair trade brands that are sustainable and ecological to help our planet and empower women.
Our handmade collection of women’s wraps makes layering your clothes an easy task. A lightweight handmade wrap can complement a black dress with a burst of color. The wide wrap style can act as an extra layer of warmth at the brisk end of an evening out.

Eco-Friendly Fibers

Many people would be surprised to learn that natural fabrics like cotton are not necessarily more environmentally friendly than synthetic ones such as polyester.
Modern growing methods for crops like cotton can use a huge amount of pesticides and sometimes toxic fertilizers. Even when organic cotton for scarves is grown in a more thoughtful manner, it still requires massive consumption of water.
The most environmentally friendly fabric types are renewable fibers that can be easily produced and grown. That the type we use for our handmade scarves. They efficiently use small amounts of energy and water to grow and are recyclable.
Look for:
Linen– Readily recyclable and easily composted, this material made from requires significantly less fertilizer, water, and pesticides compared to cotton.
Organic Wool – When done smartly, a farmer can utilize the waste of the sheep to nourish and maintain the land. Unfortunately, some sheep farms treat animals with toxic dips and spread toxic fertilizer across their pastures. Truly organic sheep farms avoid this entirely. Focusing on the health of the land and sheep.
Silk – Silkworms are the caterpillars producing this natural fabric. It’s durable, light, and naturally decomposing at the end of its usefulness. More than just evening wear, it can even be made into warm thermal underwear. If you are concerned about the possible killing of the silkworms, there is an option called peace silk, a cruelty-free option.

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