mango beach towels


Textile manufacturing throughout the World has become solely driven by economics. This means inferior yarn quality, less pay for workers and compromised working conditions. At Mungo, they defy the status quo and endeavor to help shape and uphold the standards of sustainable production in a non industrial environment. They challenge the idea that value is a product of price. They don’t compromise on production methods or cost of raw materials when it comes to producing a quality product.

They believe strongly that what they create and the manner in which they create it will filter down to the end user and help to improve the world we live in. They are using the art of weaving in a contemporary manner to create quality products for people to treasure. Ethical trading and integrity underpins their philosophy, they are particular about sourcing quality natural fibers and the fabrics are constructed to last.

As a part of their sustainability, transparency and trace-ability objective, they hope that when people understand where something comes from and how it is made, they will value it more, and in turn this can help encourage conscious purchasing decisions.

organic cotton towels


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