Socially Responsible Companies

Our store features eco-friendly, holistic, handmade, and sustainable products from socially responsible companies. These are natural body and bath, home and bedroom decor. We work with the leading fair trade and social responsible vendors for handcrafted bags, decorative pillows from India, handloomedand silk scarves, and wellness. All our manufacturers have the necessary licenses and certificates.

What are Eco-products?

Eco-friendly are products that are 100% safe for both human health and the environment. Passing the entire production chain from the extraction of raw materials to disposal, these items do not have a harmful effect on the human body and the nature.

It does not include phosphates, carcinogens, chemical dyes and flavorings, reagents and toxic substances, pesticides, antibiotics and other components of artificial origin

The online store Elle & Reese specializes in the supply and sale of environmentally friendly goods from socially responsible companies that are:

  • Have a 100% natural composition;
  • Do not get tested on animals;
  • Conform to international eco-standards of quality;
  • Hypoallergenic and biodegradable
  • Differ in high energy efficiency;
  • Produced without the use of chlorine and toxic substances.

Socially Responsible Companies use the main type of materials for the production of eco-products that are organic compounds. Unlike synthetic ones, they do not accumulate in the body and do not lead to skin irritations and the development of complex diseases.

How do we choose eco-friendly items for our online store?

Elle & Reese seeks to increase consumer confidence in ecofriendly philosophy, therefore, when choosing socially responsible companies and products, we strictly follow 5 rules:

  • Quality – The assortment includes only 100% organic products that meet international quality certificates, as well as certified in the United States.
  • Manufacturers – Dubious origin of socially responsible companies are taboo for our store! The catalog contains exclusively ecological products of American and Canadian brands.
  • Price – The key task of socially responsible companies we work with is to protect you from ruthless chemistry, toxins, and aggressive allergens. Therefore, the cost of the proposed environmental goods is available to a wide range of US customers.
  • Certifications – All Natural must have environmental certificates.
  • Novelties – We approach the expansion of the assortment carefully and offer only proven products with an unblemished reputation.

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