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HONEYCAT was born from a need they saw missing in today’s jewelry market. Too often they ran into $450 necklaces priced way above our budget, $8 necklaces made of lousy materials, or $60 necklaces in mediocre materials lacking longevity. Cue HONEYCAT’s entrance of high quality, effortless pieces at sensible prices.

They offer a meaningful selection of delicate jewelry founded on the belief that every woman should feel pretty on a day to day basis without having to trend-chase or spend a fortune.

Their jewelry is designed to be classic, simple, meaningful and able to be worn everyday. Like a layer of mascara or perfume, they hope putting on a piece of our jewelry becomes a staple part of your morning routine.


The co-founders, Julie & Jo, have been BFFs ever since meeting in their awkward preteen years and finding out they share the same sense of fearlessness and ambition for freedom.

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They believe in positive thinking, getting sh*t done, and the good (and bad) that karma brings. Their jewelry pieces are indicative of this spirit – they hope to inspire individuals by way of being a constant reminder of inner strength + dreams.

Materials & Jewelry Care

The jewelry is primarily composed of 24k gold plated, 18k rose gold plated, rhodium plated, or sterling silver plated brass. They finish each piece with a protective coating that allows it to hold up better against daily evils like sweat, which typically makes jewelry susceptible to tarnishing. The materials composition make for an amazing, wearable, high quality, seamless jewelry piece with longevity.

Jewelry should be kept away from cleaning agents, beauty products, and water, and stored in a cool, dry place to discourage tarnishing (pro-tip: this is how you should care for all your jewelry). Clean your jewelry with a soft cotton or microfiber cloth when necessary.

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