Mercado Global

Mercado Global is a Brooklyn-based accessory brand and non-profit that empowers rural Latin American women to become entrepreneurs. Through donor-funded business education and leadership programs, we help women create community businesses to support themselves and their families. By designing collections for the international market while using traditional local weaving techniques, we are changing the status quo for women, communities, and the industry.

Their mission: to transform the lives of women. They create beautiful and thoughtfully designed accessories that not only have the ability to transform an outfit, they can empower an entire community of indigenous women.

A single thread is stronger when woven with many others. Through our not-for-profit model, we strengthen communities of women, weaving savings and loan support (income and access to equipment through microloans), education (financial literacy, business development, self-esteem and family health and nutrition), and market access into a program focused on financial independence to overcome poverty.

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