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We Source The Best Eco Friendly Lifestyle Products

Our goal is to take the hard work out of finding lifestyle products that are good for us, are good for the environment and help giving back to those in need.

Each of the brands we carry have been carefully selected for the materials used to craft them, having all-natural or certified organic ingredients, are handmade items by small batch artisans or give-back to communities and organizations around the world.

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Why Choose Green Environmentally Friendly Products?

When changing to an eco-conscious lifestyle, you can stop using plastic straws and start using reusable grocery bags. If you want to make an even bigger impact, start rethinking your shopping habits for home decor items, skincare, accessories, and lifestyle wellness products. Fortunately, companies have come a long way in terms of sustainability and style.

It’s in your best interest and all of our best interests to minimize our negative impact on the environment. Shop sustainable, green products, eco friendly to make sure your lifestyle, fashion choices and household items aren’t hurting the planet. There are plenty of options when shopping to reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment.

Read about each of the unique, eco-friendly, and sustainable socially responsible brands that we have chosen to work with

Shop Sustainably: Environment Friendly Items

Elle & Reese’s online store emphasizes sustainability and natural eco friendly products. Our goal through our carefully curated eco friendly products, home and body items is to grow awareness on these topics to help consumers reuse, reduce, and recycle. Whether it’s compostable shipping materials or solar-powered factories, we compile a list of vendors who have made it their mission to provide eco-friendly products with sustainable and responsibly sourced materials throughout their supply chain. Our eco-friendly products vary from scarves made from organic silk and wool, natural skincare, and other cheap eco friendly products.

By guaranteeing at least some of our bought items are manufactured with environmentally friendly processes, we can improve the environment, minimize waste, and practice thoughtful fashion consumption. Things won’t get fixed overnight, but everyone making small changes in their lives can make a significant improvement in the long run. Check out Elle and Reese catalog for your eco-conscious and sustainable products.

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