Organic Bath and Body Products
Dead Sea Salt, Green Clay, Eucalyptus, Peppermint essential oils, organic Mint leaf and many more quality natural ingredients go into our bath products. Enjoy a variety of soaks like our natural sea salt, milk and detox recipes. Dead skin cells from your body’s skin cycle can clog pores and make a barrier for treatments to enter your skin. It’s easy to remove these skin flakes with natural, organic bath soaks that provide nourishment with a softening and moisturizing feel. We never offer artificial or toxic ingredients and stay away from synthetic and questionable ingredients.

Many medical studies have proven that natural skincare is much better absorbed by our skin. In addition, it is important that bath and body products without preservatives do not remain on the surface of the skin at all, but completely penetrate the epidermis and conduct active regenerative work there. Vegetable oils, which are found in harmless cosmetics, consist of the same fatty acids as the cells of our skin. Unlike conventional synthetic creams containing parabens and other chemicals, natural cosmetics have the most effective and long-lasting effect. The constant influence of plant components triggers the most important mechanisms that contribute to the self-renewal of the skin, while completely without damaging the natural functions.

Practice has proven many times that paraben-free skin and body care help in solving various skin problems (dehydration and signs of aging). In addition, body products without chemicals are not a simple mixture of water, extracts and vegetable oils. Modern manufacturers of natural skincare very effectively combine modern scientific achievements and the gifts of our nature.

So, the choice is obvious – natural cosmetics without parabens are the best creation of our time!

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